Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Install a Front Door Lock

If your money pit comes with ugly door hardware (like mine), you can update it yourself and go from tacky to terrific in no time. Just follow my easy steps:
  1. Buy a new handset at any hardware store.
  2. Let the box sit in your kitchen for 21 months. Don't forget to fret about it every few months.
  3. Remove the old hardware from the door, reveling an unflattering pattern (like racer back tan lines with a formal strapless gown).
  4. If the replacement peep hole door viewer is 9/16" and the hole in your door is 1/2", do not try to widen the hole. Return to the hardware store & buy another one.
  5. Sand the bumps that outlined the old ugly hardware. Wash door. Prime. Wait 1 hour. Paint. Wait 2 hours. Paint again. Wait 4 hours. But, if it is getting dark and you want to lock your door, proceed to next step sooner but be warned that paint can buckle & peel if you are not very very careful.
  6. Open the box and attempt to follow the illustrated directions with scant written instructions. Resist frustration due to extra unnecessary parts in the box.
  7. If the deadbolt does not turn, check to see if the existing hole in limiting movement. If so, use a chissel & hammer to widen the opening.
  8. If the machine screw to fasten the bottom of handle seems too long, don't try to cut it. Use a fine hack saw & make sure that you have a file. Or, save yourself some time and just go to the hardware store and buy the correct length. Take the handle with you to ensure you get the correct thread and length.
  9. When you finally get the damn handle installed, take a photo & be thankful that you're done... until you realize that you still have the back door to do.


preeti said...

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