Saturday, June 10, 2006

Not Tickled Pink Anymore

I can imagine that the garish colours of our house scared away many potential buyers. I was somewhat drawn to this ugly duckling because of that fact, and it resulted in our offer being the first and only - and there was no bidding competition. It may be hard for you readers who live outside of the Greater Toronto Area to comprehend, but houses here can sell in a matter of hours for thousands of dollars over their asking price. A house up the street recently sold for $50,000 over asking with six offers, after a two hour open house. It is mad.

But mad is also living in a pink house. It is certainly easy for your friends and family to find when visiting, but it is also hard to hold your head high as you walk out the front door. When we moved, we thought that the first thing that we'd do was paint the exterior trim, but then the interior took priority. Then it was too cold. So, we had to leave it until spring. Our house stood out even more in the snow.

Rain and overnight temperatures below 10C kept us from doing this job -- but today, we finally did it. A white door and columns are not as unique. Visitors pass right by our house now. But I don't mind. They'll have to find another landmark to guide them here - like our house number?