Sunday, September 16, 2012

MorEnergy Scam Strikes again in Thunder Bay!

Warning! MorEnergy Hot Water Tank Scam It was almost a year about when a MorEnergy rep tried to trick me into replacing my hot water heater because the "government was phasing mine out for safety reasons". It took me a few minutes to figure out that this was NOT a government program and I got him out of the house. I looked online and saw many complaints and saw that people all over Ontario are confused by this sales tactic, thinking that it is a mandatory government replacement which will be more energy efficient and will save money. But the online complaints about MorEnergy show that customers are NOT happy with their new hot water heaters and that they end up paying more money for them.

People in Thunder Bay: be alert. MorEnergy is working your city, and they are very aggressive. Tonight we got a call from family in Thunder Bay who were tricked into installing the new heater on Friday! The sales person came to the door and had it installed the same day.

WARNING: Do not sign a contract with MorEnergy. And if you have already signed, Ontario has a 10 day cooling off period that allows you to cancel your contract for no reason at all. But do it right away and make sure that you don't let them install it. Once the hot water tank is installed, you'll have to pay fees to remove it, replace your old heater, etc. But it is likely better than getting into a 10 year contract with such an unscrupulous company that preys on people in their own home. Read the Ontario government Consumer Alert – Hot Water Heater Rentals. Hopefully this will help you to make a good decision and not get stuck with a bad deal.

I worry that this will not be my last blog about MorEnergy and their questionable business practices.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I was hoping you would call me the Thunder Bay morEnergy office as I am very interested in this post. 807 623 3363, thanks! Michel

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa just so you are aware even if the water heater has been installed the customer still has 10 Days to have it cancelled and removed with no cost to be incurred. If your relative signed 8 days again even if it has been installed they can have it removed without consequence, id suggest calling the local supplier they were with and they should be able to help them get out of the contract without any cost to them.

Anonymous said...

scam its a rental i had a hotwater tank installed last week in thunder bay how do you think its a scam i pay the same price i was paying and after 10 yrs i own it before i never had a chance to have no more payments with the my previous supplier so how is it a scam the person who installed it did a proffesional job and was very informative again its a rental so figure out people have a great day

Anonymous said...

Guess what? Even if you DON'T sign a contract with MorEnergy, they will still screw you!! We purchased a home with a MorEnergy heater, but the previous owner didn't send along the contract so we never signed it, and our solicitor found no lien on the property. It turned out there WAS a lien hidden in a strange legal place, so we've had to pay a judgement in their favour because we removed the water heater before we knew we were liable for a contract we never signed.

If you're buying a house in Ontario, watch out for MorEnergy heaters!

chartered accountant said...

Thanks for the info, this kind of thing is scary!