Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Will there be light?

Light shopping is hell on earth.

Our bathroom is 99% done. Our friends at Downtown Lumber (a.k.a. Home Hardware) came through with a replacement mirror for the medicine cabinet, so things are shining. But it really shows off the fact that there is a gaping hole above the mirror. We need a light fixture.

We've been up to Union Lighting, Secso Lighting, Living Lighting, Ikea, etc. etc. etc. Big box store fliers have fixtures for $45, but they are not the right style or finish. So, our search continues.

I can't remember which store had this extravagant crystal chandelier. But, if we ever move to Woodbridge, we'll know where to go.

Does anybody have any suggestions for inexpensive but nice light fixtures in Toronto, preferrably downtown?


Pip said...

Not sure how much space you need to fill but we've been happy with this one from Home Depot: .

Leon Kiriliuk said...

All the best lighting stores in Toronto are next door to each other on Cartwright (not too far from Yorkdale mall). We had great luck with Universal lighting and the store to the right of it. Unlike big box stores, they care very unique, one of a kind products with varying prices. It's no wonder big designers (like HGTV's Sarah Richardson only shops here).

Casa Di Luce said...

You can check with Casa Di Luce at 4700 Dufferin street. Every item there is unique and made in Europe - that's quite rare nowadays.

Mike said...

Are you ever going to update your blog? I check back regularly and there's nothing new.