Saturday, November 8, 2008

Let there be light!

For two weeks we have been at the electrical stage of the reno. We already pulled the wires in preparation, set them in the correct rooms, and planned the electrical layout. We need six receptacles (one GFCI), one recessed shower light, three overhead lights, one over mirror light, one exhaust fan, one TV/internet cable jack, one telephone jack and several switches to control it all. (We ran the wire for the floor heating, but we won't be installing that for some time.) I've refreshed my electrical knowledge with some books from the library, but the biggest challenge has been figuring out how to use a vapour barrier with recessed lights in a flat ceiling -- mixed messages!

For some reason, I thought that we could do all this in one Sunday. But now, as I write the list of work in prose form, it does seem like a lot. On a schematic, it seemed more straight forward.

Two weeks ago, I was thrilled when I installed a GFCI receptical which would protect all the other fixtures in the bathroom. The highlight of last weekend was getting showered with ashphault soot when pulling cables for the overhead lights and switches. It seems that when the roofers replaced the flat roof 3 years ago, the ashphault sifted through the roof boards and has been sitting on the insulation all this time. When we shifted anything in the ceiling, soot rained down on us. I was wearing safety glasses and a mask, but my face still got pretty dirty (see photo). Although I cheered up when I was able to wire the overhead fixtures.

But, there is never enough time! I still didn't get the new bedroom wired until today. We sealed the plumbing stack and window sill, and replaced 95% of the ceiling insulation. Tomorrow we hope to get the vapour barrier up and everything ready for drywall.

We were prepared to call in a pro for the drywalling, but he called today to say that he's too busy to do our job. If you know anybody, let me know. Otherwise, we're gonna try it ourselves next weekend. Wish us luck--we're going to need it!!!


Pip said...

one option would be to hang the drywall yourself and hire out taping it. this was our original plan (we were going to use Darren Hamar but we ended up doing the taping ourselves with the help of a neighbor. Depending on how many sheets of drywall hanging it yourself isn't too hard. If you decide to go this route we have a drywall lift you could borrow. (

Lisa said...

We were thinking of doing the reverse - hire out the hanging and do the taping ourselves. We've been showering at the Y for a month now, but maybe hanging the drywall won't be that bad -- just time consuming.

Love your blog! Very entertaining. Your drywall looks fabulous, and glad to see that you'll be on to flooring soon.

I would love to use your drywall lift. That would make the job far more manageable for two. Let me know if the offer still stands.

Wanderluster said...

We used Sebastian at to do the drywall for our recent kitchen reno. His price was reasonable and he was on time and professional.

Pip said...

sure, just send us an email with when you want to come by and pick it up and we'll send you our address. it takes some coordination to hang it with 2 people but its not too hard.