Friday, May 2, 2008

The carport of my dreams

After a winter with near record snowfall, it is natural for one to dream of a carport. Watching Dan shovel all that snow out of our uncovered parking spot really exhausted me. If I build him a carport, we won't have to worry about snow for the next four years. We will be guaranteed to have record low snowfall if I invest in such a structure.

Spring was in the air last week, and I felt that it was time to get moving on some quotes. I canvassed friends for landscaping recommendations and came back with only two names. One is coming tomorrow to do a quote, and the other one is considering if he has time to do the job at all. I then joined the Home Service Club, who guarantees the work of their recommended contractors or you don't pay. They promised me calls from three contractors within 48 hours to arrange quotes. We are getting close to 46 hours and still no calls. The jury is still out on this club.

As I wait to hear back from contractors, I started researching, and found this great carport plan online. It looks simple enough. Isn't it something that Dan and I could do on our own? It is kinda like building a fence, with a roof -- do I really need a building permit for this?

I called the City of Toronto, just to be certain, and discovered that their bureaucracy really is as bad as people say. I looked on the website and found a definition of a carport but could not find out if a permit was required to build one. So, I called their info line. After listening to several menus and making several choices, I was routed to a voice mail for the help person, who is away this week. The message said that somebody else would return my call, but then the mailbox was full, so I couldn't leave a message. I called back a few more times, trying to get a live person, but with no luck. My suspicion is that you do need a permit, so I have registered myself for an info session on May 13. At this rate, I may have a carport before the first winter snowfall. That is, if I can even afford it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa... You need a permit for a carport -

Anonymous said...


I am looking for a great contactor to trust to build mine. any suggestions on contractors to build a carport and a floating deck that is reasonably priced but ensures safe structure.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for a contractor as well. When you get call back from them, could you post the progress. If they are good, could you post their information.



Instant Garage said...

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Anonymous said...

just an idea...but why don't you just put up a "pergola"!! I bet you don't need a permit for that and there's company's such as capitol column that build them out of fiberglass

Anonymous said...

You can buy a carport kit from, product code CP0511. I am thinking to have one of those installed after getting the permit. Anyone had experience with those?