Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September Sunburn: One of the Dangers of Walking to Brooklyn

This photo was taken before the sunburn, on the first or second mile on our walk to Brooklyn. For my birthday, I thought that it would be fun to walk to Brooklyn. We started out in the East Village, at First Avenue and 3rd Street marched our way to Park Slope. Without a tour guide, we may not have chosen the best nor most direct route, but we certainly saw a lot of variety. At times, Dan didn't seem too happy, especially in the discount shopping area of Flatbush Ave in downtown Brooklyn, where we really stood out. Plus, it was HOT and humid! And I mean hot. Whenever it seemed like we were really on the wrong path, we would see the red double decker tourist bus go past, so we kept going.

Finally we made it to the lush Prospect Park lined with fancy homes and filled with young mothers and their babies. Exhausted and thirsty at this point, we made out way down the slope to 5th Ave and found the welcoming pub, The Gate. Across from a smaller park full of even more children, we had a delicious pint and then continued down 5th to Coco Roco, a delicious Peruvian restaurant. (If you go, try the Ceviche - it was heavenly!) At the end of a satisfying meal, Dan looked at me and asked: "can we take the subway back?" Of course! I am crazy, but not that crazy.

Look at this map and see our route (more or less - sometimes it wouldn't let me go down one way streets the wrong way). Apparently it was 6.6 miles, but it felt longer.

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