Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is the Kitchen Done Yet?

If I had a glass mosaic tile for each time that I've heard this question, I'd have a complete backsplash by now!

OK. The kitchen no longer looks like this, but it is still far from finished. I have quit running home from work at 5 p.m. to get banging on the floors and walls to get stuff done. Afterall, if you have running water and a stove, do you really care if you have tiles on the backsplash? We now use the kitchen for cooking.

But one of these days we need to do the following:
  1. Install the glass mosaic tiles.
  2. Grout the tiles.
  3. Install the under cabinet lights.
  4. Remove or repair the wainscotting.
  5. Replace all the trim.
  6. Paint the whole room.
  7. Move the power tools out of the mainfloor bathroom and return the majority of them to Matthew.
  8. Plan the kitchen warming party.
Friends, family and loyal readers, the kitchen is still not done. But we already have the tiles, so one of these days, the room will actually get done.

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