Monday, December 11, 2006

Top 10 Ways To Tell That You're Renovating

10. The shop vac is always plugged in and ready to use.

9. All your clothes are covered in dust or paint.

8. The only TV you watch is on HGTV.

7. You buy Ibuprofen in the "value pack" size.

6. You're really excited about the launch of Mike Holmes new book.

5. You quit wearing your contact lenses (since glasses double as safety glasses)

4. You go to bed exhuasted at 9 p.m. -- on the weekend!

3. Your bedside reading material is published by Black & Decker.

2. Your gift wish list contains only power tools.

1. You keep "Deep Cold" on your night stand.


carrie said...

Building a brand new house is really not that different in many repects. I do realize of coarse that I did not have to live through most of the mess. Plans have a way of seeming so straight forward in the beginning only to present many unexpected twists and turns along the road. One simple task turns into many immediate decisions that were not anticipated and while the clock is ticking and everyone waits on YOUR decision the wheels of productivity grind to a halt! Oh yes, my best friend IBUPROFEN! How the hell am I suppossed to know what style of capping I want on my outside window! One or two decisions at a time are quite manageable but a never ending, can't sleep at night, frenetic world of decisions, decisions is not something I would lightly entertain again. Like childbirth, it seems easy to say it was all worth it in the end as you hold that beautiful baby in your arms and marvel that you had some part in the creation of this miracle!

Lisa said...

Yes, it is true. And it is not something that you can fully relate to until you are doing it yourself. It is like me an my child-raising advice. I'm full of good ideas, but I really have no idea. And I admit that one upfront.

It takes a village to raise a child and it take a community of friends and family to tackle a renovation or home build. Do you have any suggestions for backsplash tiles? I'm thinking mosaic glass tiles.