Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mural Down!

The charming little houses in Little Italy can often disguise some massive decorating horrors. Our new home has quite a few! Fortunately, I also have quite a few friends. I have many resourceful and dedicated friends. One friend in particular hates wallpaper, specifically wallpaper murals. The moving truck was just pulling away when his office work day ended. Coming directly from work, Chris arrived with a spray bottle, a scraper, and a wacky tool for scoring the paper. He borrowed some fabric softener and got to work, peeling off the tropical scene on the wall of the middle bedroom. While my mother & sister helped me unpack, we could hear the constant whirl of his scraper on the wall. Despite the 35C weather, he would not give up until he was done. He said that the blazing sun on the mural made the room feel all that much hotter, so he had to get rid of it.

I recommended that he relax a bit in the front bedroom, next to this cool rushing river, surrounded by pale pink walls and the same bubble gum pink trim that fills the rest of the house. Pink is rumoured to be a calming colour, yet for some reason it causes me panic. All that I see is more surfaces to be painted. And more curtains and blinds to replace. But for tonight, I will take my own recommendation and relax awhile by the river, and be thankful that Chris gave us a jump start by removing that first mural. Only two more to go.

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